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» Gallery

The Flying Doctors, as Emma Plimpton/Patterson.
Halifax f.p, as Jane Halifax.
Sabrina Down Under, as Hilary Hexton.
Farscape, as Rinic Sarova.
Die Millenium - Katastrophe - Computer Crash, as Nicole.
Ihaka; Blunt Instrument, as Kirsty Finn.
Joey, as Penny McGregor.
Kangaroo Palace, as Heather Randall.
Lucky Break, as Gloria Wrightman.
The Zoo Family, as Julie Davis.
Rebecca, as Herself.
Various Magazines.
Various Sources.
Wedding Pictures.

» Screencaps

The Flying Doctors
Second Chance
Word & Deed + All That Glitters
The Silly Season
Talk Of The Town
Misc Pics

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