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» Kangaroo Palace

Jacqueline McKenzie (I) as Catherine Macaleese
John Polson as Richard Turner
Rebecca Gibney as Heather Randall
Jeremy Sims as Jack Gill
Jonathan Firth as Terence Foster-Burrowes
Jerome Ehlers as Simon Seymour
Josephine Byrnes as Ann
Alison Whyte as Barbara

The story follows three young Australians travelling to London in the time of the swinging sixties. One wants adventure, one wants a career, and one wants to escape his fiance - just for a while - to make it on his own.

Starring the beautiful Jackie McKenzie (Deep Blue Sea, Romper Stomper) and Rebecca Gibney (Halifax MD, Flying Doctors) its really the story of boy meets girl, only to have her break his heart.

Set in the 60s. Great people, great music, great times.


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