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The Flying Doctors

Violet: But it's every outbackgirl's dream!
Emma: I'm a citygirl, Violet!

Sam: Hey, what was that for?
Emma: What was what for?
Sam:: The kiss?
Emma: Are you complaining?
Sam:: No, no, no, it's just that another one would help more.
Emma: No, you see, my kisses are strictly rationed. See ya!
Sam:: Well, it was worth a try!

Sam:: Emma, love. No worries if the fuel runs out. Just mix one litre of oil and two-hundred litres of avgas. I'm sorry love, I didn't mean to call you darling.
Emma: It's okay mate.
Sam:: Emma, I love you. I think I did from the moment I first saw you.
Emma: I love you too.
Sam:: What?
Emma: Yeah, I do.

Emma: What am I supposed to be? A mindreader? And then when I don't guess right, he walks out. What kind of deal is that?

Halifax f.p

Rebecca Gibney as Jane Halifax: "I learn so much while we are shooting this because I do my own research as well..."


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