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» Time Trax: The Cure

Guest Starring
Peter Donat (Mordecai Sahmbi (Dr Lemich)
Rebecca Gibney (Dr Maria Mills)
Terry Gill (Detective Robertson)
Simon Westaway (William "Buffo" Francis)

Dr Maria Mills have contracted Apozemia gravis - an incurable disease - but when she meets Dr Lemich, he promises to cure her. What she doesn´t know is that Dr Lemich is also known as Dr Sahmbi, a mad scientist from the future.

Meanwhile, Lambert happens to see a fugitive on TV - but he´s all the way down in Australia. Lambert goes there, the fugitive tries to run, but is caught by Lambert. Before he has a chance to give Lambert "him", he dies mysteriously, and the police takes Lambert with them.

Posing as a US Marshal, Lambert manages to find out that the fugitives had died from a rare disease - and that his brain carried traces of a second dose of TXP, the potion used to travel in time.

Lambert tries to see the doctor who had treated the fugitive, dr Lemich, but he instead happens on dr Mills. He finds out that Lemich/Sahmbi kills his wealthy patients after seemingly treating their incurable diseases. When he tries to tell dr Mills about it, she doesn´t believe him. And the orderlies quickly reports to Sahmbi about Lambert. Soon, dr Mills turns against Lambert, and Sahmbi has Lambert caught...



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